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Weblinks Module

This module displays the list of weblinks in a category.

Random Image Module

This Module displays a random image from your chosen image directory. Help

Footer Module

This module shows the Joomla! copyright information. Help

Feed Display

This module allows the displaying of a syndicated feed. Help

Custom HTML Module

This allows you to create a Module that contains any valid HTML code. There are many cases where you might want to put free-form HTML inside a web page. For example, you might want to create an HTML Image Map or you might want to copy HTML code from PayPal, Amazon, or some other site. The Custom HTML Module allows you to create a self-contained HTML unit and then put it in any valid location on a page. Custom Output When you create or edit a Custom HTML Module, an editor session is opened using your default editor. Important Note: The editor does not allow you to enter certain HTML tags. To work around this, you can temporarily change your User's editor to "No Editor", create the Custom HTML Module, and then change the editor back to TinyMCE. Another option is to use an editor from an Extension that allows HTML code to be entered. Another possibility is (if the editor has this option) to switch to the HTML mode, enter the code, save and switch back to normal view. An example of a Custom HTML editor session is shown below. Note that the "No Editor" option is being used..

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